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Extra Party Add Ons

Wine pairings. Steak and bourbon tastings. Sushi rolling for kids. And more! Add that little something extra to your next party and give your guests an extra memorable experience! Add ons to your special event are subject to availability and location. Sometimes they even change. So, call us to chat further at 212.331.0328 - we love to think out of the box and onto your table!

  • customized floral
  • specialized cakes
  • custom sushi rolls
  • milkshake tasting
  • burger sampling
  • big screen tv sports
  • live music
  • customized raw bar
  • tequila tasting station
  • micheleda tasting station
  • guacamole making
  • margarita making
  • cooking demos
  • live entertainment
  • lengthy wine lists
  • oyster sampler
  • whole hog
  • garden picnics
  • beach parties
  • steak and bourbon tasting
  • kids sushi rolling
  • wine pairing
  • board games

Have a question or want to discuss your requirements?

Call our events team at 212.331.0328 or email at: events@brguestinc.com