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National Vanilla Milkshake Day

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Beer, burgers and milkshakes.  Bill's! You can’t come into one of our restaurants without getting one of those treats if not all three! We'll judge you...in a good way, if you do!  On Monday 6/20 we’re having a special you don’t want to miss. In honor of National Vanilla Milkshake Day we’re having (you guessed it!) complimentary Vanilla Milkshakes. Did you know milkshakes weren’t always a wholesome family treat? The first milkshakes ever recorded were alcoholic drinks and it stayed that way until the 20th century. We think that’s pretty bada**. They were adopted into the mainstream when they started to be staples at soda fountains. There are many different ways to make milkshakes from hand-shaking to those huge multi-mixing machines. Ours are made completely from ice cream and are even better when paired with a delicious burger!  Who said vanilla was boring?